Adopting agile in a corporate environment

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Lethagile Phoku
I am a business analyst in one of the financial companies in South Africa. I have experience working as a software developer. I am very passionate about delivery good quality software and customer satisfaction.
Companies adopt the Agile methodology to improve the delivery of software, add value to business and satisfy customers. In order to measure the success of the adoption, the reasons for changing the current process or methodology should be clear, and goals should be defined. All intentions for adopting a methodology might be good, nevertheless how the methodology is introduced can have a huge impact not only on the service delivery but on human resources. One of the Agile principles is building projects around motivated individuals, so getting everyone involved in the whole process can motivate them. People can be resistant to change, because of the fear of the unknown and if they feel like they are in an autocratic environment. The more they are involved the more likely for the adoption to succeed. By involving people, it does not only mean taking them to Agile training, but also having general discussion to also satisfy "face to face" principle of Agile. This will also help on reflecting and adjusting behavior accordingly.
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Successful adoption of agile. Avoiding adoption mistakes.
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Poster Session
Process at Scale
Agile Adoption
Agile Principles
Successful Agile