Always Be Delivering : The Neuroscience of JIT Software Development

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Travis Frisinger
Travis is software developer with entrepreneurial tendencies. Travis is a Team Lead at Chillisoft where he is involved with innovation efforts in addition to building cool software. His day-to-day work involves graph databases, Kanban boards and value proposition canvases where his blend of academic and industry experiences flourish. Travis graduated with an MSc in Software Engineering from DePaul University and was inducted into the international computing honour society, Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE), upon completion. Travis is passionate about engaging with the software development community. He is a member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and very active in the Durban software community where he facilitates code retreats, speaks at and attends various events.
Software development is all about delivery, hence ensuring the most important thing is delivered as quickly as possible is key to a project being successful. To facilitate this Kanban boards have become a vital visual management component amongst teams practicing Agile; they put it up and talk around it every day in their Scrum. This visual management tool is intended to shorten feedback loops and ensure better communication in an attempt to get better deliver from the team. All too soon what started off as a low friction visual management tool is quickly overcome with processes and rules. Always Be Delivering (ABD) is a technique focused on low friction visual management, at its core is a well-designed, lightly governed and constantly groomed Kanban board whose processes are backed by an understanding of how the mind works. With a handful of core principles, sticky notes and a marker, I will discuss how my team delivers across multiple projects concurrently using this technique.
Learning outcomes: 
Attendees will have a better understanding of how Neuroscience can be used to influence Kanban board design to improve software development efficiency. Attendees will come to understand the core principles of the Always Be Delivering approach.
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Pre-requisite knowledge: 
Experience with Agile. Experience with Kanban boards. An understanding of Lean.
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Experience Report