The Big 5 of Flow Philosophy

Full Name(s): 
Danie Roux
Danie is an independent consultant. During more than a decade of doing agile he has seen both good and bad expressions of it. This has left him with a need to understand the difference that makes the difference. Using this experience Danie has helped teams as small as 3 people and teams as big as 50 to get to grips with the Why and How of value creation.
"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." - Marcel Proust. The real value of agile is a new mindset and a different philosophy. This mindset shift leads to a better approach to how the work works. In this talk we will go on a safari. A safari through the landscape of mindsets that are stopping us from adding real value. The different mindsets will each be examined and a more appropriate mindset will be introduced. At the end of the safari we would have collected the Big 5 of Flow Philosophy that will serve you well in your travels across the agile landscape.
Learning outcomes: 
- An understanding of the underpinnings of agile - A lexicon that helps to understand why some process improvement initiatives work in some industries but not in others - A shift in perception of the way value is generated across an organisation - A different approach to process improvement - A better way to have conversations and get everyone onto the same page
Audience Level: 
Pre-requisite knowledge: 
- Has had contact with agile teams/organisations - Understands the pain of trying to get something done in a complex environment - Has thought about how to modify a process
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