Coaching Circles - collaborative learning

Full Name(s): 
Justin Kotze, Simone Hull
Justin and Simone has worked together for a couple of year, meeting eachother at the just past go in the agile monopoly board game. They have grown together over the past 3 years of being in the same coaching circle Today they are who they are because of the journey.
Since 2010 there have been coaching circles in South Africa for the select few that knew about it. This session is about how to start/join coaching circles, even if you do no have a big community in your area. This can be set up at work or after hours. All of the agile coaches in South Africa have had some kind of coaching. Coaching circles contributes to the greatness of agile coaches here and around the world. It's a safe space to experiment, learn and build a network of contacts to reach out to through your agile journey. Have you been excluded? Find out how you can start your own or take part.
Learning outcomes: 
How to start your own circles How to find a circle if there is no community How a circle is run How everyone can benefit from it Ideas for types of circles and topics to discuss
Audience Level: 
Pre-requisite knowledge: 
Anything from beginner to advanced, really
Session Type: 
Poster Session
Coaching Circles