Creating self-organizing teams that create high-quality software in a diverse South African organization

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Nosipho Sithembiso Mdlovu
Nosipho Mdlovu is currently working as Test Analyst at Discovery Vitality since August 2014. She is relatively new to Agile and is passionate about learning more and gaining more practical experience in agile practices.
In an organization where agile practices have been adopted it is important to have self-organizing teams that can create high-quality software. There are various aspects that come into play when creating or forming such teams. When working in a diverse organization that has teams that are in South Africa as well as off-shore ,you need to consider factors such as : co-location ;the importance of pull based work and commitment ; achieving flow ,not only as individuals but as teams ; forming team values ;managing diversity and cultural differences ;communicating effectively; improving processes . The success of any organization vastly depends on its people,so creating and sustaining these self-organized teams should be a priority for an organization that is focused on ensuring that the quality of software delivered by its teams is one that is aligned to the company standards and will contribute to ensuring that the company’s reputation is sustained.
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Understand the people aspects and team dynamics that will help form teams that will deliver high-quality software
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Poster Session
Self-Organizing teams
High-Quality Software