Delivering Technical Debt

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Brendon Page
Brendon is a software developer at Chillisoft. He has been writing software for 12 years across a large variety domains. For the last 4 years he's become deeply involved in the software community, from talking at local user groups, running Code Retreats and Coding Dojos to being a member of the Durban Agile user group committee. He is deeply passionate about writing software that solves real problems and the processes that help get that right.
Whether we know it or not, every time we deliver a feature we also deliver technical debt. This debt remains largely invisible, it isn't tracked, it isn't visible on our information radiators and we very seldom tell our clients about it. The closest we come to acknowledging technical debt is bugs, mainly because our users tell us there is a problem, so we can't ignore it. Technical debt shouldn't be invisible, it's as real as the features we deliver and we should start treating it so. In this talk I propose a technical debt model which can be used when identifying technical debt, furthermore I propose a low friction technique for integrating technical debt into your current SDLC process.
Learning outcomes: 
Attendees will have a solid definition of technical debt. Attendees will have a model that they can use to identify technical debt. Attendees will have a new low friction visual management process for technical debt that they can start leveraging in their current SDLC.
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Required: A general understanding of software development Beneficial: How Agile/kanban boards work
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Technical Debt
Software Entropy
Red Bin
Visual Management