DevOps - Agile on Steroids

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Tom Clement Oketch, Augustine Kisitu
Tom Clement Oketch works with ThoughtWorks, consulting primarily on the subject of quality assurance. Currently, his passion is in helping development teams unlock their full potential particularly in the area of building quality products and services. Kisitu Augustine is a Software Developer at ThoughtWorks. He has a growing interest in software architecture, programming languages, cloud, DevOps and continuous delivery. He is passionate about delivering software in the right way
Before Agile, many of us were happy building software using the waterfall methodology. This was despite the fact that we often failed to deliver or get to market on time, and that when we usually did, most of the initial requirements had changed and many features were often already obsolete. Then Agile came along - and like a silver bullet, it helped us recognise and fix a number of loopholes in our previously beloved waterfall methodologies. We now work more closely with our clients, develop our products iteratively, and are self-organising. However, many of us still find ourselves struggling to get to market on time. Where did we go wrong? This talk will attempt to point out that simply adopting agile practices such as iterative development, regular showcases, retrospectives, and the use of story walls - without a cultural shift will not resolve most of the issues encountered with the waterfall methodology.
Learning outcomes: 
We shall cover the themes - What is DevOps? Why DevOps is important to organisations practising Agile.
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Pre-requisite knowledge: 
The Basics of Agile
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Continuos Delivery