Finding your problem-solution fit

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Angie Doyle
Angie is an Agile Consultant, Coach and Trainer at IQ. She has more than 18 years’ experience in the Financial Services industry and has been a practicing business analyst for the past 12 years. Prior to becoming a consultant, Angie worked in the business process outsourcing industry where she pursued ways to create and deliver value to her clients and their customers. So when she was introduced to Agile a few years later, it was a perfect fit! She now devotes most of her time to anything related to innovation, Agile Product Ownership and Agile Business Analysis.
I often hear about a new product and think… “That’s a really cool idea! I should go and get myself one”. The sad reality is that I seldom follow through with the actual purchase. Does it mean that I am a fickle customer? Perhaps… Or it could mean that I didn’t really need the product in the first place. Unfortunately, a cool idea does not mean that your product will be a winner. The difference between a failure and a success is determined by your target market thinking “I want to have it” compared to “I’ve GOT to have it!” In Agile teams, we often focus on building the product right – at the expense of building the right product. Before we even start the development process, we should ensure that we are building something that someone is going to love! Join me as we explore your problem-solution fit using the Value Proposition Canvas. Objectives: 1. How to identify if you have a problem-solution fit 2. Understand your target customer 3. Understand the difference between a value proposition and a product 4. Learn how to use the Value Proposition Canvas
Learning outcomes: 
1. Understand if you have a problem-solution fit 2. Understand your customers 3. Learn how to use the Value Proposition Canvas
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Pre-requisite knowledge: 
Basic understanding of Agile and the role of the Product Owner in Scrum.
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value proposition canvas
product ownership