How to execute an Agile Cultural Transformation at Scale

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Josef Langerman
Executive Head of Software Development and Maintenance for Standard Bank Group. Previously CTO of Standard Bank Corporate and Investment Banking. Holds an Adjunct Associate Professorship at the University of Johannesburg. Teaches graduate courses in Project Management, Software Engineering and IT Management.
In this talk we will present a novel methodology to perform an agile cultural transformation at scale. We have implemented this approach in Standard Bank when we realised that we are struggling to move our Agile pilot projects to a next level. We kicked off a cultural transformation journey that created a receptive environment for new agile projects to take hold. We rolled this approach to 1,200 staff members and during the next iteration we will increase this to 5,000 staff members. Our Organisational Health Index as measured externally by McKinsey has improved 12% during the last financial year. We have not seen this approach used anywhere in South Africa and we believe it is a novel and useful approach to help achieve the cultural changes that is necessary for large enterprises to achieve agility.
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The particpants will have a detailed understanding on how to execute a Cultural Agile Transformation at Scale
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Culture Transformation