The Natural Order of Progression for adopting Agile Technical Practices - Delivering Working Software Quicker

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Mark Pearl
I've been involved in creating software for over two decades. Most of the time I have gotten it wrong, sometimes I've gotten it right. As I get older it feels like I am getting it right more often. I find nothing more fulfilling than being involved in creating something that has a real impact on other people’s lives. I love sharing the insights I have gained from these experiences with others - I do this by speaking at events, writing and facilitating workshops.
Many think Agile is just about stand-ups & sticky notes when it is actually about being able to deliver valuable software quicker. It is impossible to do this if you don't leverage the technical practices agile has embraced. The challenge is - where do you start? Do you focus your energy on understanding TDD, or put time into a continuous build environment. What is the natural order of progression and how do you implement them without slowing down feature delivery? In this session Mark is going to present what he believes is the natural order of progression of technical practices. He will highlight some of the challenges he's faced with teams trying to increase their release rate and what they did to overcome these barriers. This talk is appropriate for technical AND non-technical people involved in Software Development who would like to release to production more frequently (be it from Months to Weeks, Weeks to Days, or Days to Hours). Those already hitting the magical continuous release rate don't need to attend ;-)
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Understand the order of implementing technical practices Understand why each technical practice is valuable Understand how long each technical practice usually takes to embrace or realize a return on Debunk potential myths on why ONE technical practice will solve all your problems
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TDD, Automated Testing
Automated Deployment
Continuous Integration
Version Control
Deliver Faster