Organisational Agility - A Complex Systems Perspective

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Imtiaz Abdul Kader
Imtiaz has 18 years’ experience in the ICT sector across the Telecoms and Banking domains, holding various positions such as technical lead, lead business analyst, programme manager and portfolio manager. He currently holds a Master’s degree in Engineering obtained from the University of the Witwatersrand based in South Africa. He is in his final year of study towards a PhD, via the University of the Witwatersrand. The PhD focusses on deriving a management approach that enables organisations to improve the probability of delivering successful projects.
Organisation Agility is a term associated to a 21st century business strategy that is being adopted by many organisations that are African based continuing the trend adopted in Asia, Europe and America. Many views exist as to what Organisational Agility is and what determines if an organisation is an agile organisation or not. Organisations also reside in a complex environment and have to interact with customers, competitors, suppliers and regulators within a global context. Organisations are viewed as Complex Systems and being agile means that they have to be adaptable, resilient and offer swift responses to a continuously changing environment. This paper looks at Complex Adaptive System (CAS) characteristics as a means for defining Organisational Agility.
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To provide organisation leaders with a context of what it means to be an agile organisation and what behaviors to adopt within their organisations.
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Not required as this is a conceptual view that will be explained especially the CAS part.
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Organisational Agility
Complex Systems
Complex Adaptive Systems