Real Agile Quality

Full Name(s): 
Janco Wolmarans, Oz Chihwayi
Janco has spent nearly two decades learning how NOT to build software. He likes to understand the driving principles behind the way developers think, work, and design code. Through technical workshops, code retreats, and other community events, he works to help raise the level of craftsmanship in the South African developer community. He's a proud member of the Driven Alliance team, working with a bunch of talented people. Oz is originally from Zimbabwe, with working experience in a few African countries. He currently works as a software tester at Dariel Solutions. He believes thinking is his strongest skill in his bag of many and varied tricks. With over 15 years of experience, mainly in financial systems, he is focused on solving the right problems, the right way. A co-organiser of the Joburg Software Testers meetup, Oz loves to interact, learn and grow with the community. He enjoys a good coffee, especially with developers and other non testers alike.
How do agile teams deliver quality solutions? Quality has traditionally been viewed as the responsibility of QA, or "testing", but can testers really test quality into a product? With the agile revolution, practices like automated testing and Test Driven Development came to the fore. Have these relegated the testing role to the history books? Is there still space for testers on modern development teams? Ever wondered how developers and testers can effectively create value together? This session will demonstrate, based on real world experience, the importance of the testing role and how developers and testers can effectively work together towards a common goal.
Learning outcomes: 
- An understanding of how cooperation over competition can lead to an exponential improvement in a team's ability to deliver value. - Learning how teams can leverage the power of different, yet complementary skills. - Practical tools for improving developer / tester cooperation.
Audience Level: 
Pre-requisite knowledge: 
A basic understanding of delivering software is required.
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