Stop doing Agile! (Agile vs agility)

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Martin Cronjé
Martin Cronje is a software developer who spends most of his time coaching software teams to help them master their craft. Over his 15 year career he has contributed to projects ranging from mobile, data analytics to high volume mission-critical systems in government and financial sectors. The most notable projects directly affected the South African economy and democracy. When not coaching he spends his time keeping the sword sharp by building real-world software products on emergent technologies ...and when not doing that explores the local trails and roads on his mountain and road bikes.
Only a handful of software teams - that embark on the agile journey - see dramatic improvements in their ability to deliver software into production. On the other hand the majority of companies who embark on this journey make little or no improvements, with some teams even being worse-off than before. Many of these fledgling teams focus their efforts on a by-the-book approach when adopting “agile” processes. The inevitable consequence is that the team follow the ceremony without truly understanding the essence of processes. From our experiences this is the root cause for many of the failures. The agile manifesto expresses a set of values and principles that aim to help teams build better software. By living up to these, we have seen how teams consistently improve their ability to deliver valuable working software. This talk explores the value at heart of the agile movement, and will encourage teams to make small improvements to their world for a better future.
Learning outcomes: 
Equip the team with the essence as expressed the agile manifesto in such a way that they can start making profound improvements to their processes. We want them to start having conversations amongst themselves and ask “How do we live-up to that value?” and “How do we get closer to it?”.
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Pre-requisite knowledge: 
Professional experience in the software development in any role (developer, analyst, manager, product owner or other)
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Agile manifesto
Value and principles