Unboxifying Your Agile

Full Name(s): 
Candice Mesk
Candice is a team coach with drivenSystems, as part of the Driven Alliance. With over a decade's experience as a software developer, she is passionate about finding smarter solutions to old, new and interesting problems. She's an active member of the local tech community, with involvement ranging from facilitating Code Retreats to co-organising user groups and conferences in South Africa. Candice is always on the lookout for a new pair of high heel shoes and a great place to eat a hamburger.
While Agile is many things for many people, I consider it a set of principles or guidelines which lead to successful outcomes. One such outcome is regular and predictable delivery of value to our customers. While Agile is not a one-size-fits-all solution in a box, practices and labels can drive certain behaviour. Boxified Agile is a great place to start out as a novice, and beyond that, the road to Agile fluency is paved with smart experiments. This talk will discuss how to experiment safely within the umbrella of Agility. Through a series of examples, this talk will demonstrate the value of thinking outside of the metaphorical box and performing smart, safe experiments tailored to the environment, not the methodology being used. In summary, this talk aims to inspire the audience to let the principles of Agile direct a unique and pragmatic style of being Agile.
Learning outcomes: 
Understanding when to think principles vs practices vs tools, and when it's safe to experiment with each.
Audience Level: 
Pre-requisite knowledge: 
An awareness of software delivery methodologies including Scrum, and Waterfall. High level view of what the Agile Manifesto serves to do.
Session Type: 
Poster Session
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