Wake up, smell the confusion. Product ownership in the real (and really confusing) world

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Austin Fagan
Austin has been taking baby steps in his agile journey over the last 8 years. He has been blessed with some great mentors and inglorious failures along the way.
Scrum is one of the most popular agile frameworks and one of it's key components is the role of the Product Owner. Scrum advocates one person fills this role. My talk will delve into how in reality in either corporates or startups that while there may be someone with the title of Product Owner the responsibilities of this role is split amongst multiple people. One of the reasons for this is often a reluctance to surrender the power to make important product and business changing decisions. Another reason is a lack of understanding of the role as specified by Scrum. An example of this is often larger companies will have Product Managers that have Product Owners reporting into them. The Scrum Product Owner is actually a traditional Product Manager with extra responsibilities in relation to the Scrum team and the Scrum ceremonies. Having different people with different PO responsibilities isn't necessarily a bad thing as the PO role is a very demanding and difficult role. However if there isn't a clear understanding of who is accountable for what, then a price will be paid for the resulting confusion and too often the blame is put down to "agile not being a good fit". In my talk I will put forward the need for things like: Expectation Exchange workshop, whereby parties make visual their expectations of one another and the outcome is a form of contract between each other in what they are responsible for. PO Responsibilites workshop- Where all the PO responibilities are put on cards and are claimed and accepted by the different people involved. and the need for Value Stream mapping in relation to having the PO role split in the first place and analysing why it is deemed necessary to split and whether these impediments can be removed.
Learning outcomes: 
A better understanding of the PO role Product Owner vs Product Manager Know how to run expectations exchange workshop Advantage of making things visual, even with roles Applying value stream mapping to role splitting
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Some basic Scrum knowledge.
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Poster Session
Process at Scale
Product Owner
Product Manager
Eliminating waste